Bar Transfer Test

Denning Law School

Program Overview

Denning Law School offers tutorial guidance for preparing for the Bar Transfer Test at BPP University. The Bar Transfer Test (the “BTT”), is a test provided by BPP University on behalf of the Bar Standard Board (the “BSB”) in the UK. The BTT is a unique test designed for advocates who are licensed to practice in the courts in Pakistan to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales. DLS offers tutorial guidance for the BTT through experienced barristers with professional experience. Students must register directly with BSB and BPP University. Along with providing tutorial guidance, DLS facilitates all prospective students with information and guidance on registering for the BTT at BPP University.

Denning Law School boasts of experienced faculty members, including qualified barristers who have extensive professional experience. The faculty brings their practical experience to the classroom to provide tutorial guidance to prepare the students for the Bar Transfer Test.


The BTT consists of two sections – Part A and Part B:


(Academic Components)

  1. Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative Law and Human Rights)
  2. Law of the European Union
  3. Criminal Law
  4. Obligations (Contract, Restitution and Tort)
  5. Property/Land Law
  6. Equity and the Law of Trusts
  7. English Legal System


(Professional Components)

  1. Advocacy
  2. Civil Litigation and Evidence
  3. Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing
  4. Professional Ethics
  5. Opinion Writing
  6. Legal Research
  7. Drafting
  8. Conferencing

The BSB has the discretion to grant specific exemptions on some or all the exams of Part A of the curriculum, after assessing the academic background and the prior experience as an advocate in the commonwealth country, i.e. Pakistan.

An applicant who holds a law degree from the UK or a Common Law Jurisdiction, such as Pakistan, may usually not be required to pass the Academic Component sections of the BTT.

DLS will facilitate all prospective students with information and guidance on how to apply to the BSB for seeking exemptions; and paying any relevant fees. As stated earlier, the power to grant exemptions rests solely with the BSB and DLS is not authorized in any way in this regard.

Admission Process

  • Filling out the online application form below
  • Submission of Application Documents (you will receive an email request for the same);
  • Providing a writing sample (1500 words on a legal topic to be provided)
  • Final Interview

Eligibility Criteria

  • LLB
  • Strong command over written and spoken English
  • License to practice and appear before any of the courts in Pakistan. (Student who will get the license by January 10, 2025 can also apply)

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the Bar Transfer Test for the academic session 2024-2025 shall be as follows:



Tuition Fees Rs. 400,000/-

Note: The tuition fees do not include visa, travelling, fees payable to the University, Lincolns Inn and the Bar Standard Board (BSB).