Introduction and background

The centre for law, justice & policy (cljp) is an independent think-tank affiliated with denning law school. The goal is to strengthen local institutions in pakistan and advance the rule of law globally and domestically. To that end, we have trained judges, bureaucrats, law enforcement officers and others in collaboration with organisations such as the icrc, rsil, un women, nhris and others. In collaboration with numerous donor organisations, the cljp conducts research on a range of legal and social topics. Cljp is committed to promoting the culture of academic legal writing and research in pakistan by offering law students with dedicated classes on the subject.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Centre for Law, Justice & Policy (CLJP) is to serve as a dynamic force for positive change in Pakistan and beyond. Aligned with Denning Law School, our goal is to fortify local institutions, fostering a commitment to justice and the rule of law on both a global and domestic scale. Through strategic collaborations with esteemed organizations such as ICRC, RSIL, UN WOMEN, NHRIs, and others, we are dedicated to providing specialized training for judges, bureaucrats, law enforcement officers, and individuals involved in the legal sphere. Our steadfast commitment lies in advancing legal scholarship, conducting impactful research, and nurturing a culture of academic excellence. The Centre for Law, Justice & Policy envisions a world where the principles of justice and the rule of law serve as pillars for thriving societies. We aspire to be a beacon of influence, contributing significantly to the strengthening of legal institutions in Pakistan and influencing global legal discourse. Through collaborative initiatives with donor organizations, we aim to conduct cutting-edge research on diverse legal and social issues, generating insights that drive positive change. Our vision extends to the empowerment of law students by instilling in them a passion for academic legal writing and research, ensuring they emerge as future leaders committed to upholding the highest standards of justice and legal integrity.


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