Pre-University Foundation College

Denning International Foundation College (DIFC) is one of the first ever pre-university foundation college in Sindh which gives three unique college level education programs which are 1 Year A-Levels International Foundation and BTEC International Level 3. Students who have completed O-Levels, Matriculation or Intermediate can enroll in the DIFC. Our counselors will assist each individual in choosing the relevant program based on the strength of the candidate.

Undergraduate Programmes

Admissions OPEN


Who we are

Denning is the leading recognised teaching centre of the University of London for its Diverse Transnational Education Programs and currently hosts the largest student body in Karachi compared to other recognised teaching centres of the University of London.

Over the years, Denning has become the top choice for students pursuing world-class and an internationally recognised degree and qualification from the University of London!