Denning Debates Union Society


The Denning Debates Union Society is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to fostering intellectual curiosity, enhancing public speaking skills, and promoting informed discourse on a wide range of topics. Whether you are an experienced debater or just beginning your journey, our society is here to support and challenge you. At Denning Debates, we believe that effective communication is a vital skill that can empower individuals to advocate for their ideas, engage in respectful dialogue, and contribute meaningfully to society. Through our regular debates, workshops, and training sessions, we aim to develop your ability to construct compelling arguments, analyze complex issues, and present your ideas persuasively. Our society offers a variety of formats for debates, including parliamentary debates, cross-examination debates, and panel discussions. Each format provides a unique opportunity for you to explore different styles of argumentation and engage in lively exchanges with your peers.

Mission & Vision

This Society is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, student run organization which seeks to encourage individuals to come forth and provide them with a base of operations to improve their debating and public speaking skills. Promote the learning of debates and public speaking through professional lectures, camps, workshops, and tournaments. Encourage amateur public speakers to bring forth their talent, subsequently providing exposure to them through various debating events, competitions and trips. Provide individuals the exposure of planning, managing and arranging both small- and large-scale events to introduce and enhance skills relevant to event management, exhibition set-up, corporate sponsorships and leadership. Advance the standard of debates and public speaking within the Denning community. Create discourse on matters of social and public importance within the Denning community. Create teams for events relevant to the fields of debating and public speaking at both local and international levels.

Executive Body

Umm-e-Hani Murtaza


Laiba Muhammad Zaki

Head of CSR Wing

Haniya Shehzad

Chief Marketing Officer


Hamza Ali Sayyed


Laiba Muhammad Zaki

Academic Curator

Ibrahim Hashmi

President DENMUN

Hubdar Ali


Famia Faisal

Secretary General

Nabiha Rashid and Labeeb Zehra

Under-Secretary General

Azbiya Khalid

Chief of Staff

Jawad Khan


Rabia Makani

Director General

Muhammad Tiki

Deputy Director General

Event Gallery