Denning Sports Society


Denning Sports Society, established in 2019 by the students of Denning, is a thriving community dedicated to promoting physical activity and sportsmanship among the students. Initially offering cricket, football, and throwball, the society expanded in 2022 to include rowing and basketball for both girls and boys. The society's objective is to engage Denning students in physical activities that brings numerous benefits, such as improved fitness, teamwork, discipline, and stress relief. Over the years, the society has achieved notable success, winning competitions like the IBA Sports Fest, SZABIST Sports Fest, and participating in the LUMS Sports Fest held in Lahore.

Mission & Vision

The mission of Denning Sports Society is to actively involve the students of Denning in physical activities, promoting health, well-being, and teamwork. We strive to provide a platform for students to discover and develop their athletic potential while fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and friendly competition within the Denning community. Our vision is twofold: to achieve excellence in all sports and to expand the range of official sports at Denning. We aim to win trophies and accolades in cricket, football, throwball, rowing, basketball, and future sports, establishing Denning as a dominant force in the sporting arena. Additionally, we aspire to introduce badminton and table tennis as official sports, providing even more opportunities for students to excel. Ultimately, we envision Denning students emerging victorious in every tournament and championship across Pakistan.

Executive Body

Anika Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Danish Warsi and Muhaddisa Raza

Chief Operating Officer

Zehra Mazhar and Syed Muhammad Arfeen

Event Director

Jasmine Devi and Shahbaz Ahmed Kalwar

Chief Marketing Officer

Shanzay Shaikh and Rawal Bhutto

Public Relations

Abdul Samad and Raheen

Chief Financing Officer

Abdullah Aziz and Minhal Rehan

Vice President of Communications

Event Gallery