Denning Fashion Society


Denning Fashion society has been introduced this year in order to instill the fashion sense within the student body and the Denning community. Denning Fashion Society is an adventurous journey starting from a cool- casual street look to the glamorous red carpet runway walk. This journey gives a chance to its students to celebrate fashion as a form of self-expression and autonomy. So whether they choose to wear a lose shirt or a fitted jacket, they are making a statement or advancing a claim for who they are and what they believe in. It determines their individuality, preferences, values and self-expression without being vocal about it.

Mission & Vision

The main goal of this society is to have a well-dressed, well-groomed and a confident student body who knows the importance of personal grooming and attire in their professional and personal growth. Every new fashion is a refusal to inherit; It is a claim of present over the past trends. Denning Fashion Society focuses on encouraging its fresh and young talent to take risk, step out of their comfort zones and feel free to experiment. It aims to celebrate their creativity, Individuality and sense of fashion.

Executive Body

Ms. Iram Ali


Vivian Johnson Dean


Rafia Siddiqui

Vice President

Mehwish Chaudhry

General Secretary

Abdullah Zaidi

Marketing Head

Event Gallery