Denning E-sports Society


The Denning E-Sports society is an up-and-coming dynamic organisation that was newly formed halfway throughout the academic year 2022-23 dedicated to promote competitive gaming between players and fostering the culture of E-Sports. Aspiring to be a vibrant community of gaming enthusiasts, we aim to provide a platform for students to engage in competitive gaming, to socialise and develop their repertoire. Our society offers exciting opportunities for gamers to participate in external and internal E-Sports tournaments, with the eventual goal of representing Denning on the national and the international stage.

Mission & Vision

Our main ambition is to promote the growth and development of E-Sports at Denning by organising engaging events, tournaments and workshops featuring a diverse range of games including FIFA, Tekken, PUBG Mobile, Counter Strike:GO, Valorant, Call of Duty:Mobile and Street Fighter. We strive to create an environment where students can hone their gaming skills, develop their teamwork abilities and foster sportsmanship. We aim to enhance the abilities of critical thinking, strategic planning and leadership abilities amongst our members which will eventually contribute to their holistic growth and success. Our vision is to establish Denning as the pioneer institute to have an E-Sports society within their organisation and to establish Denning as a prominent name within the E-Sports landscape, both locally and globally across all popular platforms in E-Sports. We aspire to build and promote a growing culture of institutional and organisational based community that has established relationships with other universities and colleges which not only excels in competitive gaming but also represents values of integrity, dedication, and fairplay. By participating in national and international level competitions of E-Sports. We aim to showcase the talent and potential of Denning and become the first institution to represent Pakistan on the international landscape, fostering a sense of pride and achievement. Ultimately, we envision a future where Denning is recognised as a powerhouse in E-Sports, producing skilled professionals and contributing to the growth of the industry.

Executive Body

Hashir Muhammad


Kabeer Chandio

Vice President

Wasiq Alam

Chief Operating Officer

Masooma Shah

Marketing Head

Mahin Muhammad

Advisor to the President

Hassan Lalji

HR Manager

Sameer Ali

Head of TEKKEN

Faizan Imran

Head of FIFA

Moiz Abro

Head of PUBG Mobile

M. Balaj

Head of Valorant

Event Gallery