Denning Executive Council


Denning Executive Council (DEC), the dynamic student leadership team responsible for orchestrating the vibrant tapestry of events at Denning. Elected through the student vote of Denning, the DEC curates an engaging calendar of activities catering to diverse interests, from academic symposiums to cultural festivals. Committed to student empowerment and inclusivity, the DEC serves as the voice of the student body of Denning, ensuring that every voice is heard and valued. With creativity, passion, and unwavering dedication, the DEC enriches the Denning experience for all the student body of Denning.

Executive Body

Zakaria Mustafa


Eisha Aijaz

Vice President Communication

Insha Morani

Chief of Staff DBS

Baqir Shah

DBS council member

Munsif Khoso

General Secretary

Sohail Abbas

Senior Council member

Aiza Arif

Senior Council Member

Tasneem Bhujwala

DBS Council Member

Mir Jahanzaib

Senior Council Member

Alizeh Chandio

Junior Council Member Foundation

M. Sharif Otho

Vice President Operations

Ilsa Amir

Chief of Operations

Mariah Kapadia

Senior Council Member

Amaan Malik

DBS Council Member

Ali Abbas

Junior Council Member Foundation

Tarhub Nasir

Secretary PR

Wadood Nizamani

Senior Council Member

Haris Jummani

DBS Council Member

Faizan Abbasi

Junior Council Member Foundation