Denning Legal Clinic


The Denning Legal Clinic (the “Clinic”) is a professional legal service provider run under the management of qualified lawyers and assisted by the students of Denning which aims to offer pro-bono legal services to marginalised individuals in society thereby increasing access to justice and uphold the principles of rule of law within the society. Denning Legal Clinic offers free/subsidised assistance in high-impact litigation matters, including, but not limited to Divorce Proceedings, Workplace Harassment, Domestic Violence etc. as well as day to day business matters such as incorporation of a company/start-up, employment contracts, execution of a partnership deed, tenancy disputes etc. for businesses. The Clinic also aims to heavily involve itself in policy making and legislative drafting to create a more victim-friendly and accessible legal framework in Pakistan.

Mission & Vision

The Clinic aims to provide legal assistance to low-income individuals and families who would otherwise have little or no access to justice. Student attorneys enrolled at Denning Legal Clinic will be dealing with actual cases and will also have a chance to explore legal institutions and become familiar with domestic practice. They will be working in teams as Student Attorneys under the supervision of qualified lawyers, encouraging them to show interest in human rights issues and represent underrepresented individuals and groups of the society. This platform will not only be a good networking opportunity for students but also to learn and enhance their practical skills for professional success. The Clinic is a vital part of Denning’s mission to prepare every student for the challenges, responsibilities and rewards of a career as a practicing lawyer.

Executive Body

Ali Sher Khowaja

Director General

Rahim Dad Shujrah

Director Operations

Ali Hyder

Director Communications

Mohsib Talpur

Secretary General

Arslan Ahmed

Deputy Director Legal

Irtiza Ali

Director Marketing

Ali Abbas

Project Director

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